How to Get Media Sponsorship for Your Georgia Nonprofit

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Corporate sponsorship is a highly prized source of income for nonprofits. By partnering with a for-profit organization, nonprofits can obtain substantial funding without a matching strain on their own resources.


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Partnering with businesses is vastly different from bonding with a community. While the latter wholly cares about a nonprofit’s message, a corporation needs further assurances that the relationship will benefit their business.

If you want to effectively deal with media partners, then a talented PR agency is a necessity. The Blake Agency is one of the most respected firms in North America. With negotiation specialists, they help equal out the disparity between massive corporations and smaller nonprofits.

What is Media Sponsorship?

Nonprofits survive on the donations and volunteers they cultivate through events. These include galas, auctions, charity runs, and many others. The problem is that all the planning in the world is for nothing if nobody hears about the events.

However, for nonprofits working with relatively small budgets, it’s a big challenge to get the word out. Partnering with a media outlet allows a nonprofit to promote its events without dumping out its budget on costly advertisements.

Finding the Right Sponsors

Unless you’re looking to get media sponsoring on a national scale, you need to familiarize yourself with the various media outlets in Georgia. This means focusing on the largest partners as well as the ones that share an audience with your nonprofit. A few of the largest outlets in Georgia include:

CBS46 News

The Gainesville Times

Valdosta Daily Times

Georgia Voice

It can feel like the chance of partnering with these titans is nonexistent for smaller nonprofits. That’s where having a solid PR plan comes in handy. By expanding your audience to a wider range, you incentivize companies to do business with you.

A great PR firm like ours here at The Blake Agency, can create effective storytelling that’ll help connect your nonprofit to any industry. This is an indispensable ability to nonprofits that are searching in-state but still want to partner with industry heavy hitters.

That being said, you’ll still have better luck finding sponsorships from companies that share common ground with your nonprofit.

For example, an environmental nonprofit might partner with an outlet that heavily covers biodiversity loss in Georgia due to waste management. This partnership would provide value to both sides.

Submitting Proposals

It can be intimidating to approach massive corporations with talks of sponsorship but remember that you’re dealing with a media team and not the CEO. As long as you prepare a detailed and well-researched PR campaign, then you’ll be sure to impress.

These campaigns should be sent in as a proposal to the media company you want to partner with. This is especially true for large corporations that don’t have the time to meet with every potential partner individually.

Ensure your proposal quickly outlines the benefits. Remember that your nonprofit has value that they NEED. You should be clear and upfront about the responsibilities of both parties. This includes financial support and the scope of media space allocated to your nonprofit.


While nonprofits may not have millions of dollars to spend on promotion, they have valuable assets to exchange. Constant public relations strategies allow them to build loyal and trusting audiences that media outlets want to tap into.

You’ll want to find the right sponsors and create compelling proposals that set you apart from the hundreds of nonprofits vying for a corporation’s attention. If you want the best chance at achieving this, then you’ll want to bring in a team of professionals like us here at The Blake Agency.

Visit our contact page to learn how our experts can negotiate beneficial media sponsoring for your nonprofit.

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