How Tech PR can increase a Technology Startup’s Brand Awareness and Sales

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The beginning stages of business are a volatile time. You haven’t built up a reputation that can pull in customers and your budget is extremely limited until new funds start coming in. This makes it difficult to secure the investors and partnerships that will lead to your success.


Top Tech PR agency, The Blake Agency, shares a video below on Public Relations for Startups

In this situation, one of your first priorities should be developing a reliable PR strategy. Great PR will get you in the good graces of your community and build a favorable image among your target audience.

With an impressive catalogue of references and reviews, The Blake Agency is the best in the game at getting technology startups off the ground. With an uncanny ability to sound out communities and meaningful partnerships, their PR strategies focus on boosting brand awareness and total sales while staying on budget.

What is PR?

PR, or Public relations, are the strategies that businesses use to control how they’re perceived. Unlike marketing, which essentially purchases good vibes; PR agencies promote their client through unpaid methods.

They pitch their product to third parties, and if all goes well, partners with them for promotional purposes. This lets PR agencies subsume the trust an audience has in that third party and use it to boost their client’s reputation.

However, to do this, the product needs to be both worthwhile and interesting to catch a third party’s eye. This begs the question, what if a product isn’t either of these things? That’s where the storytelling aspect of PR saves the day.

By knowing the right audience and their needs, PR agencies can craft narratives that set their clients up as the solution. This process is repeated several times until the target audience has a rock-solid impression of a business.

How Tech PR Benefits a Technology Startup

Public Relations is all about building a positive image for your business. Every child has heard some rendition of the saying, "It’s better to do it right than do it over."

In the world of PR, this means it’s easier to start with a good reputation than it is to redeem a bad one. This puts startups in a uniquely favorable position since they’re starting with a clean slate. Building up this reputation is particularly important for technology startups with complex products.

The general consumer needs to believe in a product’s ability to make their life easier, even if they don’t fully understand the technology behind it. If they can’t trust the company, then they can’t trust the technology. This means a huge loss in sales that could take your business out of the precarious "startup" stage.

Even Motorola, a respected international company, had trouble getting US citizens to adopt the "Brick Phone." It was disregarded as a luxury toy, instead of the groundbreaking technology that it was. Do you think that technology would have been accepted if it wasn’t backed by an industry juggernaut?

At times, reputation is everything.


Technology faces the problem of always bringing new products to a people wary of change. Even today, there are bubbles of distrust in developments regarding AI and machine learning. If you want to avoid these issues and construct a reputation that garners the support of your target demographic, then The Blake Agency is the one to build it. Contact us here to see how we can get your startup off on the right foot.

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