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Many organizations have found success due to the various support systems that Georgia has to offer. Community events are held by farmers, humanitarian groups, environmental institutions, and many others. The great sense of community that exists in the Peach State sets it up as a prime location for nonprofit efforts.


Top Nonprofit Public Relations agency, The Blake Agency, shares a video below on 10 Quick Fundraising Ideas for your nonprofit organization

However, tapping into these resources requires specialized knowledge and strategies. You need to learn to adopt a voice that resonates with as many sectors as possible.
The Blake Agency handles all of that for you. Utilizing in-depth and boots-on researching strategies, our PR consultants have a proven history of planting nonprofits firmly into their surrounding communities. From coast to coast, we’ve used solid public relations practices to boost fundraising efforts and breathe new life into nonprofits.

If you want to find out how a public relations plan created by PR professionals can do the same for your nonprofit, then read on.

Adapt How You Communicate

As technology improves, humans are finding more and more ways to talk to one another. While this is a huge boon to businesses, you need to know how to take advantage of each one.
You don’t speak to an audience on social media in the same way as you do in email. There are differences in tone, length, attention span, graphics, and dozens of other considerations that need to go into each.

A well-crafted piece of content targeted toward the right channel will see its effectiveness explode. This is difficult to pick up on without a clear understanding of each platform and the temperament of its audience. If you do it right, you’ll see a lot more interaction with your posts and massive improvements in fundraising.

Focus on the First-Time

First-time donations should be a key goal to any PR campaign. Many nonprofits only focus on keeping their existing donation base engaged, but that’s like giving new bait to a fish you’ve already caught. You’re wasting resources.

Instead, you need to find audiences that don’t know about your nonprofit organization but have a high chance of engagement. Sourcing these groups is what separates good PR agencies from the exceptional ones like us.

One of the most effective strategies to access new supporters of your cause is through your current audience. Chances are that your donors are part of groups and social circles that haven’t been introduced to your nonprofit despite sharing similar lifestyles and ideologies.

Rather than giving your current audience content that’s designed to reel them in; give them content designed to introduce your nonprofit organization to others. Content meant to be shared. This includes infographics or online videos.

Change Your Words, Not the Message

Nonprofits are all about a stance. It needs to have a core message that your audience feels good supporting. However, it also needs to be flexible enough to encourage new audiences to engage at different times.

The "how" of this will change from month to month or even more frequently. Nonprofits need to position themselves differently around Christmas than during the back-to-school rush. A seasoned PR agency like ours helps navigate the ever-changing opinions of an audience and adjusts a brand voice accordingly to best reach that audience. All without losing hold of the core message.


Strong community roots are paramount for a nonprofit’s success. They can only survive through the continued support of volunteers and donors. While anyone can forge connections with their surroundings, if you want to maintain those connections and expand your influence, then a strong PR strategy is non-negotiable.

To find out how The Blake Agency can get your name to travel around Georgia to greatly increase supporters in short time , you can contact us here at any time!

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