PR Services

Strategic Planning

Big picture thinking + actionable steps

Strategic planning is a critical component of any successful marketing & PR campaign. That’s why we create customized public relations plans based on a 5-step process. This method will help you develop a clear path to building credibility and a strong reputation. 

Is your startup struggling to define goals or identify the best communication channels? Or maybe you’re an established organization or brand looking to target a new audience or expand your offerings?

We’re big picture thinkers who can help you take actionable steps to build or transform your business. Our team will develop a comprehensive plan with insightful research, measurable objectives, strategies, creative tactics, and a simplified approach to evaluate success. And although most clients hire us to execute campaigns, we also offer detailed plans that your internal marketing team can implement.

Media Relations

Tech-driven approach

We’re media relations experts with many years of practice and top-tier placements with media outlets like Forbes, Inc, Black Enterprise, and more. We understand how to frame a story, identify the right audience, and connect with journalists that will cover it.

In addition to knowledge-based methods, we invest in media database software solutions with over a million contacts. These tools help us to build targeted media lists and effectively follow up with contacts. After securing media coverage, we use powerful reporting tools with automated metrics to measure return on investment.

Whether it’s earned or paid media, our tech-driven approach is guaranteed to maximize the results of your public relations campaign.

Content Development

Engaging & Effective Storytelling

Creating content that’s entertaining and interesting to read or watch is a good start. However, great content should also deliver value and help you achieve your business goals.

Our approach to developing engaging and effective content is based on strategic public relations. We conduct an audit of all your marketing assets (website, blog articles, datasheets, sales material, etc.), research topic ideas, discover your diverse customer segments, and craft memorable and compelling key messages.

If you’re a nonprofit director, tech founder, or retail executive, it’s critical to find a balance between main points that you need to convey and what your audience wants to hear. The end goal is to craft the right message for the right target audience.

Content Marketing

Reach, Engage, & Convert

The channels you use to distribute or publish your content are just as crucial as the creative process. Blogs, newsletters, white papers, social media, emails, wire services, and traditional media outlets are some of the channels that you can use to share information about your company or brand.

While it may seem ideal to focus on a broad audience via Facebook or top tier publications, there are many opportunities to engage loyal customers through targeted emails or blog articles. With our public relations expertise and over 20 years of working with nonprofit, tech, retail, and lifestyle brands, we’ll help you identify the channels that will get you better results.