Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

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The Covid era forced many businesses to operate outside of their comfort zones. Nonprofits were no exception. Face-to-face fundraisers are an important part of any nonprofit’s income sources. It gives organizations a chance to make a deeper impact with their audience and engage with them on a more personal level.

However, social isolation policies aren’t a definite stop to more interactive methods of nonprofit fundraising. Communication devices have advanced by leaps and bounds allowing entire populations to closely interact in online spaces. Finding the right nonprofit PR agency to guide you will let you transition quickly and painlessly.

The Blake Agency is one of North America’s top public relations firms that has helped countless nonprofits find success. Their work has continued unabated through the pandemic’s many hurdles, and they have fully adapted to working within virtual settings. In this article, you’ll learn a few virtual fundraising ideas that your nonprofit can use.


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Live Streams

Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, and more. Most major social media platforms are adopting some form of live streaming service. That’s because they understand the level of influence that is exerted through real-time interactions.

Think of a livestream as an undoctored video. Since it is recorded in real-time, it offers viewers a more candid and intimate view of an entity’s routine. This is a huge boon to any nonprofit’s arsenal due to its focus on communicating a key message.

Live streams also pair well with other events you hold. Even if portions of your audience don’t buy a ticket to paid events, they can still feel included by watching a livestream.

Virtual-Physical Activity

If your nonprofit has hosted group hikes, bike rides, or even marathons, don’t think those events are out of reach now. You don’t need to be physically together to get physical together.

With GPS tracking and online chats, it’s easier than ever to organize these events online. Simply set a time and date for your audience to get active as a community. Each can post stats such as their distance traveled or chosen routes. Online chat rooms are a great place to post selfies or landscapes discovered along the way.

This applies to by-the-mile fundraisers as well. It just requires a bit more accuracy using tracking apps such as Strava.

Online Classes

If complex university courses can be taught online, why can’t you teach your audience how to cook the same way? Book clubs, dancing, and even car repair classes can be used to engage with your audience and form a deeper relationship.

Have fun with this! Make group learning a regular event and change the contents according to the season. Learn how to bake Christmas cookies in December or paint Easter eggs in the spring. You don’t need a fancy, professional instructor to teach the course. Just someone who can carry out the chosen task while addressing an audience.

These classes also offer numerous opportunities for public relations partnerships such as a Nonprofit sponsorship. Since your Nonprofit is organizing the class, you can find ways to introduce your Nonprofit Sponsors products throughout the class, providing a win-win for both the nonprofit and their corporate sponsor.


Just because physical meetings are out of the picture, doesn’t mean your fundraising needs to be put on hold. Your organization needs to find new ways to personally engage with your audience if it wants to survive.
There are hundreds of ways to reach your audience on a high level through virtual spaces. A combination of these resources is the best way to keep your nonprofit relevant. Keeping track and planning these virtual fundraising events is a tall order and vastly different from hosting one big fundraising event each season.

If you want to learn how The Blake Agency can help your nonprofit take advantage of virtual fundraising events, feel free to contact us here for more information!

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