CLIENT NEWS: ‘Dance Moms’ Alum Sarah Reasons Launches Riveting Sci-Fi Fantasy Book for Young Adults and Teens

Sarah Reasons Dance Moms cast member

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The Crest is a novelization based on the 22-year-old actor, entrepreneur, and influencer’s new TV pilot script

Sarah Reasons, Dance Moms cast member, actor, and writer, has launched her first sci-fi fantasy book – The Crest. A screenplay-to-novel adaptation, the story centers around supernatural beings, power struggles, a controversial love triangle, and supporting characters that confront the complexity of LGBTQ experiences. The e-book and hardcopy are now available for pre-order via and Barnes & Noble.

Sarah, who is also the writer of the TV pilot script, developed the concept for the book after receiving positive feedback throughout the industry. The Crest was named a quarter-finalist in the 2022 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenwriting Competition and a semi-finalist in the 2023 Outstanding Screenplays TV Pilot Competition. The novel follows a teen girl, 16-year-old James Dunlan, as she tries to uncover the secrets surrounding her privileged family and their elite social circle.

“Since Dance Moms, I’ve co-starred in several network series and started writing my first screenplay three years ago, ” says Sarah Reasons, author of The Crest. “Writing The Crest was a rigorous but fun process. I’ve put a lot of work into writing, editing, and developing each character, and I think everyone, regardless of age, can relate to its underlying themes of love and the desire for individuality.”

Jackson Entertainment, a talent firm managing established and emerging creative artists, partnered with Sarah to produce a TV pilot sizzle reel for The Crest. The short promotional video features Sarah as the lead character and will be used to pitch the TV series idea to networks later this year. The Crest also made The Red List on, ranking as one of the top-rated Fantasy Television projects.

ABOUT Sarah Reasons
Sarah Reasons is an actor, producer, writer, and globally recognized dancer. She is a former cast member of the reality television series Dance Moms and is known for her role as Charlotte on the comedy series Boss Cheer. Sarah also co-starred in numerous network series on HBO, ABC, and FX and has written three feature films and one episodic screenplay. In 2022, Sarah released a TV pilot sizzle reel for The Crest, which was later adapted into a novel. In addition to a successful career in entertainment, Sarah owns a clothing brand and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fashion from Arizona State University. She was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and spends her time between Phoenix and Los Angeles. To learn more, visit and follow Sarah on TikTok and Instagram @sarah.reasons.

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